Studio Updates —

Studio updates.

Sunset at the (Caesar's) Creek

As March is winding down, and my winter is slowly thawing into spring, I was able to start it off with a creative bang. Winter is many times a slower pace for me in photography land and time to reflect and regroup. This year I finally got my website refreshed and up and running. Having this shoot to put as my first blog post is exciting!

Lenzie Senior (10 of 72).jpg

Lenzie is a client that I have watched grow up a bit over the years. Her family have been wonderful clients and always arrive with smiling faces and all the trust for my vision. When she showed up today, I knew right away our minds were in sync. Her outfit choices were stellar, her funky fun personality fit just right and those eyes and eyebrows! I think she got tired of me telling her how jealous I was of them!

Lenzie Senior (15 of 72).jpg

Such a cool spot that felt like a bit of a desert out in Arizona, but a short hike to the waterfall and turquoise cliffs and swinging bridge made this feel a bit like we were on a Anthropologie shoot and a bit like a dream. Just a wonderful first official shoot of the year. Thanks to Lenzie, her mom, and aunt, and her friend Georgia who came along for the hike and a bit of fun!

Erin Jackson